Board Training


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Whether your board members are seasoned directors or brand new to the nonprofit sector, there is always more to learn about their roles and responsibilities.

Board Training Course

After seeing far too many nonprofits fail to achieve their potential due to lack of knowledge and interpersonal conflict among their board members, I developed “Shifting Focus: A Transformative Course for Governance-Model Nonprofit Boards.”  This course has individual and group components designed to take participants through an educational experience while refocusing their mindset on how they can find their role within the organization and among the other board members.

This course may be particularly helpful for boards experiencing the following:

  • stagnation
  • rapid turnover of members
  • lack of focus
  • reluctance to take on new tasks (e.g. fundraising)
  • difficulty setting and meeting goals
  • confusing the different roles of board members and paid employees
  • power struggles
  • personality clashes
  • lack of board engagement

Self-Administered Option: I provide one hour of in-office, phone, or Skype guidance, along with a PDF of the course itself, which you may reproduce for internal use an unlimited number of times.  Flat fee of $600.

Full-Service Option: I first work with you for one hour to focus on your organization’s specific trouble spots, then administer the course for your board members in one session.  You will also receive a PDF of the course itself, which you may reproduce for internal use an unlimited number of times.  Flat fee of $1,110, plus travel expenses if required.

Custom Training

If your board is not working well, it can affect every part of your nonprofit’s operations.  I aim to get the information to your board members in an interactive and personalized manner.  There will be no boring projected presentations to sit through, just practical, useful information and advice.

Commonly-requested topics include:

  • Training the board of a new organization (orientation)
  • Risk Management
  • Legal duties of board members
  • Fundraising law
  • Insurance and board member liability
  • Financial oversight
  • Governance versus management
  • Board and officer evaluations
  • Strategic planning
  • Determining executive compensation
  • Managing board disputes

I will work with you to discuss your goals for the training session beforehand, and will provide an experience that is customized to the specific needs of your organization.  Custom training carries my regular hourly fee.

I am happy to work with your board either in person or via Skype or phone.  In some circumstances, I am also available to travel to your location for an additional fee.

Note:  If you are interested in working with me, contact me to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation.  Contacting me does not create an attorney-client relationship.