As a lawyer and management professional, I have long seen a gap in the legal and consulting services available to nonprofits and social enterprises.  Managers and leaders in these organizations, as well as aspiring founders, often need to ask a few legal questions, get a contract reviewed, or determine how to handle interactions with employees and volunteers, for example.  They are frequently either turned away or quoted huge fees for these services, however, as the large, traditional firms and consultancies do not want to bother with a few hours of work or accommodate budgetary constraints.

I started Salisbury Legal, LLC and Salisbury Consulting, LLC to fill this gap.  I believe in the value of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, and I don’t want to see well-meaning founders end up in legal trouble or get taken advantage of in a contract when it would have taken just a few hours of a lawyer’s time to avoid such problems.  I’ve worked in nonprofits and social enterprises, both in the U.S. and abroad, and I have a genuine passion for these entities.  I understand their needs and constraints, and I want to see them succeed.

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